Roadtrip with the Custom Dyane 2016

So it begon with getting invited to The Baum / Barcelona Tattoo Convention, a show in Barcelona where lots of great artist show and do their tattoo work. But also a custom car and bike show.

I still had a few months so nothing to worry, at least that was what i was thinking. It ended up to be one hell of a task to get the car i wanted to take ready in time. So some more info about the car, it's a 1968 Citroën Dyane on a 1973 Citroën Ami Super chassis. Iv swapped the engine for a 1300cc with a 5 speed long ratio gearbox behind it. Originally a dyane only has a small 2 cilinder engine with 602cc's so it was already a big improvement.

Then the crazy ideas came up, i wanted the car wider so i can fit some wide wheels on it. But if you widen the fenders to much it gets very ugly in my eyes, that's why i decided to cut the complete car in half and widen it in the center.

So got it done a few hours before i left on a test drive / roadtrip to Barcelona, roughly 1450km to get there. Left somewhere around 3 am to beat a lot of traffic, the car went like crazy. It loved to go full throttle and had some trouble's driving slow, it ended up that i forgot to connect the choke cable so it was moving around while driving. After fixing it, it was also nice to drive it about slower.

From there on the ride went without any problems, i think it was round 14 hours including the stops to get to Barcelona. The next morning i went to find the building the show was in, people where still busy setting up so iv put my car in place and went on to enjoy the city a bit.

2 days later some friends flew in for a few days of fun in Barcelona, lots of parties and good food. Then it was the last day of the show, i got called early in the morning with the question if i was already at the show cause they needed me. I just went to bed a few hours ago after a fun night in the bar again, so i had a bit of a rough time to get myself moving again.

When i came to the show they told me my car got voted best of show, European custom.

It was a big surprise to me cause the car was only 80% done, looked very unfinished and was as dirty as it could be. Apparently lots of people liked it a lot.

After the show i stayed for a few more days in Barcelona, a bit to long of course so suddenly i needed to get back fast. Luckily the dyane was up for that!

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